Beautifying Your Blog with a Premade Theme


Though it’s entirely possible to design your own custom blog theme, many people choose to skip the hassle and instead install one of the thousands of premade templates that are available online. Using a premade blog theme is perfect for people who know little about website design, but it is also great for those familiar with coding, who just don’t have the time to create their own unique theme.

With so many custom themes available, it’s very rare to find two blogs using the same custom theme. Even if there is more than one blog already using the theme you plan to install, it is unlikely that your visitors will ever come across it, keeping the look of your blog fresh and unique to those who visit it.

Now that you’ve decided to install a premade theme, what should you do first? That’s simple. It’s time to search for a theme that will compliment your website’s content.

Before you start searching for a premade theme, it is important to note the type of blogging platform that you are currently using (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) and the version number that you have installed. Be sure that you search for themes that are compatible with both your platform and version number before trying to install your new theme. Trying to install an incompatible theme on your blog can lead to display errors or worse yet, it could actually break your blog altogether.

So, you’ve found the perfect theme, now what? It’s time to download the theme to your computer and install it into the appropriate place on the server. Be sure to follow any installation instructions to ensure that the theme installs correctly.

Please note that there is always a chance for something to go wrong during installation, so it is highly recommended that you back up both your blog files and the original theme package before installing a new theme. This way, you can always go back to your blog’s original theme, while you either retry the installation or search for a new custom theme.

Most custom blog themes found around the Internet can be used free of charge, but if your website requires something a little more original, you always have the option of purchasing a custom blog theme. Both usage and full-rights options are available when purchasing certain blog themes, so be sure to choose the full-rights option if you require a 100% original theme.

Depending on the particular website, the license option that you need, and the complexity of the theme, prices can vary greatly. Some themes will be easily affordable to both personal bloggers and small business owners alike, while others can reach very expensive prices.

If you happen to see a website claiming to offer full-rights packages to custom blog themes at no cost, be very careful about using that particular site. Because a full-rights blog template can only be used once, it is nearly impossible to find people who offer them free of charge. More often than not, the site will continue to allow other bloggers to download and install the same theme, regardless of their claims.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to customize the look of your blog, why not take a quick look around the Internet at some premade blog themes. Odds are, you’ll be able to find a theme more than suitable for your blog that can be easily downloaded and installed in just a few clicks – saving you the time and frustration of trying to create one on your own.

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