Avoid Adding Too Much White Space to Your Pages


White space is an important part of any design and should receive the same careful thought as each of the other elements on your pages. By taking the necessary time to carefully assess your usage of white space, you can spot areas in need of improvement and make the required changes to correctly balance the elements on your page.

Because it is generally accepted that using more white space will improve a page’s readability and overall aesthetic value, many people end up going overboard by adding too much of it in their layouts. Take care to avoid excessive white space on your pages or you’ll run the risk of your pages looking incomplete.

If you are unsure about how much white space is too much, then take some time and study the layouts of other similar types of projects. Are you curious about the correct usage of white space online? Then visit some big name websites to see how they’ve utilized white space in their designs. Wondering what the standard amount of white space is for a newspaper spread or magazine? Then why not take a look through a few of the more popular publications?

You can learn a lot by simply examining how other people use white space. By using a similar amount of white space to what is currently being used in other popular layout styles, you will have a good starting point for determining the optimum amount of white space in your own designs.

As white space is such an important part of any layout, it is imperative that you spend the necessary time to ensure you are using it effectively within your designs. Just don’t get too enthusiastic where white space is concerned and add it excessively to your designs. Doing so might leave your pages looking incomplete.

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