5 Creative Types of B2B Interactive Content


Keeping the attention of your audience has been the primary challenge of marketing since its beginning. In today’s shifting landscape in which more users rely on their mobile devices for digital activity, businesses need to employ effective strategies to keep pace. Many marketers have turned to B2B interactive content to give them the edge they need to stand out in saturated markets.

The ability to engage customers is what drives the current growth in b2b interactive content. From quirky quizzes to ebooks tailored to individual users, interactive content is helping businesses achieve their goals.

Why is B2B Interactive Content Valuable?

Not sold on b2b interactive content yet? Well, consider the following compelling reasons to feature some in your next marketing campaign.

#1. Engages Customers

People’s attention spans are short. Using content that centers on the user and packed with visuals stands a much greater chance of forming a connection than expecting them to read a lot of boring text.

87% of marketers felt that interactive content was more effective at grabbing the attention of the audience compared to static content.

B2b interactive content grabs the attention of clients and encourages them to return to your content and website. So what’s not to like?

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