Facebook Marketing What Is In Store In 2020/21


Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. It also helps your business reach millions of people very quickly. As a result, it makes a lot of sense to find the best Facebook Marketing strategies and ideas that work in 2020 to promote your business and really take it to new heights. With that in mind, these are some of the main Facebook Marketing ideas that you can use this year and next.

Pick the right objective for your campaign

In 2020 you will notice that there is a vast range of different Facebook Marketing campaign objectives. You can go for brand awareness, traffic on your store, catalog sales, conversions, getting Facebook messenger engagement, lead generation, video views, installations for your mobile app, traffic, improved reach, or anything similar. Selecting the right objective will help you grow and expand your business in a proper manner.

Focus on customer engagement

A lot of businesses just post links on Facebook and that’s it. This might have worked years ago, but now the algorithm focuses a lot more on engagement. Replying to your readers and viewers will help a lot, and it will certainly provide you with a very good and rewarding experience. Showcasing your human side and emotions is how you can bring in more leads and customers.

Live videos

Creating live videos is very important in 2020. This really took off as one of the top Facebook methods you can use right now. It’s very powerful, it boosts the engagement rate and it offers numerous ways for you to connect with customers. You can ask for feedback, share a sneak peek into what you are doing right now, and other exclusive stuff. Remember to post videos on Facebook too. They are also great for boosting your engagement metrics.

AR and VR integration

Using the latest tech does provide you with a lot of potential and it makes it easy for your company to show that it’s innovating and coming up with new stuff. Facebook itself focuses a lot on AR, so offering various apps, filters, or tools that rely on these features can help a lot.

Consistency is key

Some things always remain the same when it comes to the Facebook algorithm. One of them is consistency, because you need to create content very often so you can stay up there in the algorithm and reach your audience properly. Also, sporadic content doesn’t encourage people to invest their time following you. They want consistency too, just like Facebook does!


Using these Facebook marketing strategies will make it easy for you to grow and expand your business in a clever way. You need to push the boundaries and really come up with creative ways to stay on top. It’s not a walk in the park to do so, but you have to in order to surpass your competition and maintain a sense of relevancy. Innovation and creativity are key too, so try to create unique, relevant content that stands out with its style, format and information, aside from using all the tips listed above!

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